Do I Need to Be Present for the Entire Duration of the Canadian Home Inspection?

People often wonder if they need to be present during a home inspection. While it is not mandatory, I highly suggest it. Investing in a home is one of the most important decisions you will ever make, so it is important to make sure you are doing it correctly. Canadians have to deal with a unique climate that can cause extreme temperature and precipitation changes.

Over time, this can have an effect on buildings. It is best to choose a local home inspector, as they will be more familiar with the climate risks in your area. For example, the west coast of Canada gets a lot of rain, so an inspector will pay special attention to the building envelope for water entry and the basement for mold. Although it is not necessary for the buyer to be present during the inspection, it is highly recommended. Many homebuyers find this to be a valuable and worthwhile experience.

Being present during the inspection allows the buyer to observe the inspector's findings and ask questions as they come up. Interacting with the inspector during the inspection can provide homebuyers with invaluable information that will help them make informed decisions about their investment. When selecting an inspector, it is essential to make sure they are part of a professional organization such as the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (CAHPI). At Home Inspection Services Canada, we are up-to-date on building, electrical, and plumbing codes and are trained to identify any incomplete items that fall within the builder's contractual obligations. As an expert in home inspections, I strongly recommend that buyers attend their inspection in person. This allows them to observe the process and ask questions as they come up.

It also gives them an opportunity to learn more about their potential investment and make informed decisions about their purchase.

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