Thermal Imaging Inspection in London, Ontario, Canada

The Northern Guardian Inspection Canada uses only certified and trained technicians and the latest equipment to provide professional infrared imaging results. Infrared thermal image; thermal imaging and videos are examples of the science of infrared imaging. Thermal cameras detect radiation from the electromagnetic spectrum and produce images of it. The thermal image provides instant verification and moisture detection in an unbreakable process, and moisture is found even behind dry surfaces and hard to reach areas. This allows you to search for problem areas and avoid unnecessary costs and inconveniences.

Why Choose Our Thermal Imaging Inspection Service?

At Northern Guardian Inspection Canada, we have all the monitoring equipment needed to detect moisture, even behind walls or under floors. Test the moisture content everywhere, including carpeting, floors, walls and ceilings. We are one of the leading home inspection companies in Ontario. It is respected in a thorough inspection.

We offer high-quality home inspections at the best possible price (there is no additional cost for thermal imaging inspections). Our inspectors are all certified because their qualifications are very important. The focus of the home inspection is to help new season buyers, who are making one of the biggest purchases of their lives.