Certified Rental Inspection Services Ontario

One of the utmost responsibilities of a rental property owner is safeguarding the tenants’ safety. If you really want to know the conditions of your rental property, trust the certified rental home Inspection services by Northern Guardian Inspections Canada for your home in the Ontario area. By owning a rental property, you can obtain financial benefits by checking the condition of the property regularly.

Property maintenance can be one of the most problematic issues for homeowners, so let Northern Guardian Inspections Canada conduct inspections of rental properties before tenants occupy the home. We help reduce your inspection load. Book your appointment now!

Why Our Rental Inspection Service?

We offer complete rental inspection. Our well-trained and certified home inspectors use the latest technology and checklists, including more than 100 different inspections, to get to the rental home with the best tools. Everything has been inspected to make sure nothing is left. Our experts are friendly and patient and always answer questions with a smile. Our inspectors take the time to provide you with information about all the information they find during the inspection and what to do with it. We value your time, so we arrive on time and carry out inspections as quickly as possible.