Pre-listing Inspections Ontario

The homeowner usually requires a pre-listing home inspection when selling the home. The results of a home inspection can influence the purchase decision, and a prior inspection provides expert homeowners with excellent information for sale. The purpose of the inspection is to identify and specify hazards and failures and to determine the useful life, functionality and directionality of the parts of the house. Inspections may be subject to restrictions such as accessibility and weather.

In some cases, the inspector may recommend hiring other specialists to assess certain parts / systems in the home properly. Northern Guardian Inspections Canada is ready for a pre-listing home inspection in London, Ontario. Schedule your appointment now!

Why Northern Guardian Inspection Service?

Whether you’re upgrading a new home for a growing family, downsizing to a new place that suits your lifestyle, or leaving Ontario, a professional pre-listing home inspection will help you sell your home and immediately identify any irritating problems at the required price. Contact the Northern Canada Guardian Inspection to complete the pre-listing home inspections. Our inspectors will work with you to find the right time for your plan and equip you with the necessary equipment to inspect everything from ceiling fans to vacant spaces and inspect everything promptly.