New Construction Inspection Ontario

A new home does not necessarily mean it has been well built. New construction cannot be guaranteed to be good. People build houses, and not all houses are built to the same standards. When you buy a new construction home that has not been inspected, you are at the mercy of whoever built the house.

It is not uncommon to encounter minor problems in new homes. Although the surface looks very clean, a new home can definitely be a nightmare. Some problems (such as leaks and incorrect grading) may not be apparent until the end of the warranty period. With the new construction inspection service from Northern Guardian Inspections Canada, construction problems can be detected at an early stage, so that they do not become major problems in the future.

Why Choose Northern Guardian Inspections Canada?

You must be absolutely sure that you have made the best choice for you and your family based on how much time and energy you have spent finding the ideal home. We guarantee you. We sent several inspectors to your property, each focused on his profession. By hiring our new construction home inspection service, you can acquire a company with a reputation as a home inspector in Canada. Comfort and safety for you and your family are our top priorities. That’s why we carry out all inspections by our professional team.